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When archaeologists dig into the earth looking for relics of bygone eras, they are searching not only for a timeline of events but for the fascinating details that enrich an entire story.

Like an archaeologist, are you curious to unearth the past – your past– by recovering details from long ago to create a clearer understanding of the present and possibly the future? Would you like to bring hope, inspiration, or joy to others by sharing your stories in a way that will sensorially engage your readers from beginning to end?

Then by all means, please dig in. 

is right if
  • You’ve been wanting to write some of your life’s stories (or an entire memoir), but are feeling overwhelmed with how to begin- and therefore haven’t started at all.
  • You’ve started writing a memoir but you’re stumbling on which stories to keep, and which to take out, and perhaps are confused by what structure to use for your manuscript.
  • Or, you’re curious to explore the mystery of your memories- and write them down- but don’t have a process for mining the gems they contain. 
ready to excavate

Dislodge any mental or emotional debris that might be clogging the caves of your memories, by learning to practice radical trust in yourself and the creative process.

Spelunk into various caverns of your timeline to unearth what is willing and ready to be excavated, through your daily writing practice.

Practice writing fluid prose with engaging, sensory details; as well as writing in various voices and perspectives from the younger and older versions of yourself.

Digging through memories can be taxing. You’ll be encouraged to take stellar care of yourself with restorative practices.

Discover, refine, and articulate the message within your memories. (Your message is the wisdom, growth, hope, etc. that you have learned -and earned- by being you.)

Coalesce the patterns, symbols, imagery, topics, and themes that will make up the overall structure of your memoir, down the road.

Dig deep and write strong, supported by -and supporting- other writers.

who is your guide

June Bennett is the Founder of The Author Oasis LLC, a book-coaching business where she provides direction, clarity, insight, and accountability to each author, while prioritizing their self-care, to ensure they are well-resourced for the long haul of getting their manuscript written. 

June is certified in the trauma-informed modality of Transformational Coaching and uses it’s practices (along with her own system, called the Elemental Approach to Embodied Writing) to assist her clients in getting clear, motivated, and moving forward on their book-writing journey. 

June is the author of GREENIFY: A GUIDE TO FOSTERING CARE & SUSTAINABILITY FOR SELF, OTHERS, & THE PLANET; and co-author and developmental editor of the memoir/anthology Water in the Dessert: Stories of Women’s Resilience


Once inside the course, you will find 5 modules that will guide, support, entice, and inspire your Inner Author to explore subterranean stories, buried throughout your entire timeline.

Each module reveals a blend of creative visualizations with associated writing prompts, along with nature-based, self-care suggestions, intended to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness throughout this journey.

Module 1 

The Elemental Eras

Discover the paradigms of the Elemental Approach to Embodied Writing. Explore the 5 elements as access points (portals) into your timeline: 


Air/Early Childhood




Ether/Post-Death & Pre-Conception

Module 2 

Life’s Key Relationships

Uncover memories that matter as you excavate your relationship to Self, Another, Place, Nature, and Creativity, throughout each of your eras.

Module 3

Let Your Body Lead

Through guided meditation, align with the wisdom of your body –rather than your mind– to discern what important topic of inquiry to explore, in the next round of Elemental Era deep dives.

Module 4

Weave it All Together

Learn two intuitive -and effective- practices that you can use to spark new directions in your writing when you feel stuck, lost, or uninspired.

Discover common threads, themes, and symbols that weave your life story together –and use them to structure your future memoir!

Module 5

Where to From Here?

Honor and celebrate your Inner Author! Connect with your Future Self and create a plan to implement what you’ve learned in Author Excavations, as you move forward toward your next writing goals.


This is a self-paced, self-guided exploratory mission into your inner realms. You can go as quickly or as slowly as you choose, though many writers prefer to do one guided visualization and writing activity per day for 30 days, as a way to build a regular writing practice. 

An online forum is built into the course’s platform where you are encouraged to post questions and engage with other writers (and me!) in the Author Excavations Community. 

All of the guided meditations, writing prompt, community accountability, and growth you will receive, are available to you for an investment of $111. If you prefer to break up your payment into two equal installments, you may do so. 

Once payment is received, you will instantly receive a welcome email, directions on how to access the course, and a gentle, guided movement practice to calm and fortify your nervous system before you ease into the course material. 

Please send all other inquiries to june@theauthoroasis.com

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