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My Long Lonely Quest Through a Hot, Snake-Riddled Desert.

Or: What It Felt Like to Write My Book Without Anyone to Guide Me

While there are many romantic ideas about what it looks like to write a book, I will tell you that my experience of doing so, was anything but. In fact, it felt MUCH more like a horror movie than the feel-good movie of the year.

It went a little something like this: Be a teacher all day, be a stepmom all night, and write when everyone went to bed and the house was finally quiet. Oh: And try to ignore all the self-deprecating judgments that rained down on me every time I sat down to write about SELF-CARE in the classroom because I was definitely NOT taking my own advice!

While my book was a love letter to early childhood educators like me, who could use a hand in creating less stress in their day, there I was: NOT getting the rest I needed, NOT drinking more water like I was telling them to do –but instead, dehydrating myself with black tea at eleven o’clock at night!– and just praying that no future readers of my book were walking by my window with prying eyes, peeking at me while I sat zombie-like at my keyboard punching words onto the screen until near dawn, most nights. THAT was not the picture-perfect, ideal self-care I was writing about!

The vision I had of being an author who supported teachers to feel more calm and collected when in the classroom trenches, began to fade. Yep: There I was, writing about the importance of modeling self-care practices in early childhood classrooms but burning out beyond belief. Instead of feeling like an expert on emotional regulation that my book touted, I felt like SUCH a hypocrite! The incredible stress I was under soon depleted my adrenals and thyroid. I began to feel extra spacey, confused, and lethargic. My ideas became unclear and convoluted.

I thought I’d never finish my manuscript and I was ready to give up on myself and on my dream of becoming a published author…

But! Instead of letting it all slip away, I did what I’ve been doing my entire life: I turned to nature to recuperate and replenish.

And since the book I was writing was about how to integrate nature into daily routines to soothe stressed teachers and calm anxious children, a bright idea dawned on me. Why not take the nature-based system that I’d created for my classroom (called THE ELEMENTAL APPROACH TO TEACHING), and apply its principles to my writing habits that were currently crunched into my hectic life circumstances? So I did! And the outcome? It WORKED!

Following my own framework to prioritize self-care in a nature-infused way, I miraculously finished my manuscript.

But the magic didn’t stop there…

I soon realized that I was ready to start transitioning out of public education and into coaching full time. And now: Three years, two certifications, and one self-owned and operated business later, I am honored to be a Holistic Author Coach. I am grateful to support non-fiction Personal Growth and Memoir writers in bringing their wisdom and stories to a world that desperately needs their messages. Supporting (both) first-time writers and already-published authors in these genres, feels like a way for me to be of service to our world, using the talents and gifts that come naturally to me.

At the Author Oasis, I skillfully guide my authors to write AND replenish until their journey with me feels complete. So whether or not you’re ready (because life doesn’t stop for authors to write their books), I invite you to click on the button below to schedule your free Clarity Call. Together, we’ll figure out the next steps on your writing journey!

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